Our Starch Based Easter Lunch

High Carb, Fat Free, Starch based lunchSo Easter came around another year. I need to apologise for this late posting.  We had lots of  fun. The previous night, we all went to bed early. Well bed is a saying. My kids decided to sleep on the couch, so they could see the Easter Bunny.

They were both very excited, although my son already knows the Bunny.

They fell asleep and I was sort of concerned that they would wake up when the bunny was hiding the eggs

But luckily they did not. We got up early and hid the eggs in the house and outside in the garden area.

When the kids woke up, they could not wait to look for Easter eggs,

I tried to do a video but at the end I gave up. My daughter was very upset that her brother was finding all the eggs. And I became a bit impatient. I just left them in the garden looking for eggs and went inside.

Then they both came in a better mood and started looking inside.
I am not the patient person, so when they were looking I kept saying “Warm, cold, too cold….”.

I mean otherwise we would still be hunting for eggs,

Chocolate Eggs?

Okay, if you are wondering, yes I gave chocolate eggs to my children. I know that is not McDougall compliant,  but they are not 100% plant based eaters. And one thing they love is chocolate. I wonder sometimes how our lives would have been different if I ate this way before they were born.
But too late. When they are at home, most of the food is compliant, but not all of it (this is for them). I am 99% compliant and if I get out of the diet was in rare occasions, but recently, I have been very good.

When we go out, my children still want SAD food. Unfortunately, their father is not 100% complaint, so I cannot ask my children to be.

Thankfully when going out I have the will to just not eat.  Before I could not say no, to other people invitation, but now I just say no. And I even started saying that I am allergic to oil.

Well back to Easter, I was not feeling like cooking a big meal. Easter was just the four of us, and I thought of cooking a simple meal.

But in the end I spent like 3 to 4 hours in the kitchen. I cooked this lentil loaf and then it was the smashed potatoes, and the gravy, and then the salad.

In between I prepared date paste to freeze and I prepared a liter of oats milk.

So by the time I was finished, we sat to have lunch at 3:00 pm. As we sat down a friend of mine that I have not seen in 6 years phoned. So we quickly finished lunch , left the dirty plates (something that I never do) and went to meet my friend.

Overall it was a lovely Easter.

Vegan No Oil  Lentil Loaf

Vegan No Oil Lentil Loaf

So I followed the recipe from the Simple Veganist.
I adapted it to my taste. I didn’t add fresh garlic, but a bit of garlic flakes.
I used 2 cups of cooked lentils, because that was what I had already. I cooked half a kilo of lentils the previous night.

I sauteed my veggies with just plain water and left the oil out.

Vegan No OIl Lentil LOaf

Then I used bought tomato sauce. I know I need to start cooking home-made tomato sauce. I used to do it, but then my kids didn’t eat it. But I have to try again.

And I did no t have pure maple syrup. I had the flavored one, which is not pure.

Excuse my photos. I am not good at having the perfect image. I also didn’t use parchment paper, so the loaf stuck a bit.

Overall, I think the loaf was delicious. Like always my kids ate very little  it.

Then I did mashed potatoes and I used this gravy from Dr McDougall newsletter. It was plenty of gravy which I am sill eating.

McDougall Fat Free gravy

And then I prepared a simple salad, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, peas, and frozen cherries.

Well we had a great Easter and some left over as well.

How was your Easter?


PS. I Am not sure what happened Why this post was sitting in my blog without being published. Sorry for the delayed.

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