Why I follow a Starch Based Diet

Whi I follow a starch based diet

There is so much confusion about what constitutes a healthy diet. One says white and the next person says black. No one knows, or perhaps they know. but I suppose there is no one diet that suits everyone.

I have been following a McDougall diet for almost two years and for me this is the right diet. I have not been 100% strict for the two years, but it was rather a work in progress. Progress not perfecting.

So I am sharing in this site what I do, how I feed my family and what appliances you could use to make your life easier.

My motivation to do this diet is that I do not want to be 70 or 80 years old and not be able to walk. When I watch people that can hardly move, or that they are bed ridden, I just get very anxious. This people were vibrant and full of life at one stage, and they get older and they just accept that aging and getting sick is part of life.

I personally cannot accept that God or the Supreme Being, or whoever you believe in, had the intention of us reaching old age and being sick.
For me that is not an act of love. So I do not believe that.
I also lost a sister to cancer/ She was only 33. I want to avoid that. My father passed away last year. He would tell you he was relatively healthy. He was 82, and he was taking like 30 medications per day. He was always complaining of some pain, and he had a pacemaker, and had suffered all his life form high blood pressure.

When I see obese people, obese children then my heart feels for them. They may not know what a healthy diet is, or they may know but they choose not to follow it.

It is also annoying when someone has a health problem and they run to the doctors for a quick solution. Medicine is just a bandaid to your health problems. You are not just a physical body, It is physical, mind and spirit. It all contributes to your health.

Yes it is good to visit the doctor, but it is not good to go to the doctor hoping they will solve all your problems.

It frustrates me when people put all the trust in one doctor. Doctors are human beings and they do mistakes also. My sister was pregnant when she discovered a lump in her breast. The doctor told her it was milk. MY sister trusted him. Later it was discovered that she had breast cancer. If my sister had done her own research and not trusted completely the doctor, maybe today she would still be with us. Who knows?

Yes, listen to your doctor but do not follow him blindly. Do your own research.

Last year a cousin of mine passed away from pancreatic cancer. When I gave her information about the McDougall diet, she told me she really trusted her doctors. She is not with us any longer. I am not saying doctors are bad. But do your own research. You are in charge of your health.

I am not an expert, but I share my experiences. Sign up for my free report, see on my side bar,  and you would learn the benefits of following this type of diet. Then you can make up your mind.

You will also learn:

  • The Basics about this diet
  • The benefits of this diet
  • Ingredients you need for this way of eating.
  • Appliances you may need
  • Resources


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