Andrea L

Hi my name is Andrea. I am a mother of two young children,  and a life coach. I love anything that can help me to stay young and healthy.

My younger sister passed away after getting cancer at age 31. It is a sad story but my sister was not unique. Every day I hear of more young  people getting sick. It just beaks my heart, because most illnesses could be avoided if we followed a healthy diet. 

When I was single and living alone I followed a simple diet. Although I ate cheese and dairy products, I hardly ate any meat. I also never used butter or oil. For me it was adding calories when I did not need them. I always said, I did not know how to cook.

Then I got married, and I was supposed to cook well. I thought that cooking well was adding oil and all kind of seasoning that I hardly ever used. So I found myself following other people recipes, and eating more and more meat. Although I never got sick, my vitality was not there.

Back in 2011 I was creating another website of mine, I got interested in raw food. Raw food is great, I eat as much raw as I can but I also combine it with Whole Food Plant Based Diet. Many years ago I came across Dr John McDougall and his Starch based diet.  Later I also followed  Mary-Ann Shearer who has an incredible amount of knowledge about nutrition and health. I have been following a whole food plant based diet for more than ten years. . It is healthy and makes you feel light and full of energy. 

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

When I started cooking healthier, I discovered lots of appliances that made my life easy. Although this way of eating is so simple,  life becomes easier when you have a couple of great appliances. The blender is the appliance that I most use. 

I found that people that start following this way of eating want to know about different appliances to use. I could not find a thorough and detailed research about them, so I decided to research them myself and I created this site .

The goal of this site is to promote a healthier and simpler way of eating, and also provide you a detailed research of all the appliance that you could use.

I hope you enjoy it .  if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for visiting