Potato with Avocado and Parsley Sauce

Today I had a lovely snack. I had baked potato and Avocado and parsley sauce.

I microwaved the potatoes. That is the easiest for me, and if I cook them a bit longer they can end up crispy, which I love.

When I cook potatoes in the microwave, I always cook a number of them , because then I can use them as a snack through the day. It is also easy to pick up a potato if I am running around.

Sometimes, I have the potatoes there and they become the base of my next supper.

The Starch Solution - Baked Potatoes
Baked Potatoes



Last night I was not sure what to prepare. My daughter, who is a picky eater, asked for pasta, and she chose the pasta type. I added vegetables to the pasta and instead of serving it with  tomato  I tried this avocado and parsley sauce that I saw it in Cooking with Plants.

Well It was delicious. My daughter had plain pasta with tomato sauce (ketchup), so did my son, because he tried the sauce and I think it had to much parsley for his taste.

Starch SOlution- Pasta with Vegetables
Pasta with Vegetables

But I loved it. I mixed it in my pasta. My pasta was warm but not hot. and it was delicious.

This is what is left from that pasta.


But I had sauce left, so today I had that snack potatoes with the avocado and parsley sauce.  And it was delicious.


Potatoes with avocado and parsley sauce
Potatoes with avocado and parsley sauce

Now I made a couple of changes to the recipe.

I  did not have sunflower seeds, so I used sesame seeds. Not sure if it worked as it was supposed to, but it was not too thick nor too thin. I could have also used cashew nuts, but I did not have any. Today actually is thicker than last night.

I used whatever I had of parsley, and I think it was enough.

So that was my supper last night and my snack today

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  1. Certainly it is a wonderful recipe.
    I would add fried fine minced onion, a mayonnaisse tablespoon and my favorite ingredient: a pinch of Lawry’s garlic and parsley salt(NOT the one with oregano and basil)

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