Amazon Prime Day for Blenders

Amazon is having a prime day on the 15th of July. You may be wondering what a Pride day is? It is similar to a Black Friday but only for Prime members. Yes you heard well, it is a Black Friday but in July. The thing is that is that Amazon is turning 20 years old (yes time flies). and they celebrating by giving special deals for all their prime members. I am not sure what deals they will have, but I am assuming that they will have some deals for blenders and for any other kitchen appliance. So if you were waiting to buy that appliance at a special deal, this may be the right opportunity.   Check more about Prime Day.

But what is a Prime Membership?

A Prime Membership is an exclusive membership that anyone can join for an annual fee. I must warn you here that the Prime Membership is only worth it if you live in the USA, or if Amazon has a store in your country, like or Otherwise you will not get the benefits of Prime membership. .   Here are some of the benefits you can get:

  • Free two day shipping for prime items. You can get unlimited free deliveries of products just in two days. It is worth it if you really do lots of shopping at Amazon. Note that all products are not included in the Prime membership program, but there are over 20 millions products included. The shipping only applies to the continental USA, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. You can read more about this benefit here.
  • Watch unlimited videos and TV shows with Prime instant video. You can watch any number of movies on your computer or device. Browse some of the available movies for the USA.
  • Listen to over a million songs or hundreds of playlists. You can learn more here
  • You can store unlimited numbers of photos on Amazon cloud. You can learn more here.
  • Access early deals on Learn more here
  • Borrow books from a collection of over 500,000 books. Learn more here.


Prime Day 15th July

The point is that to be able to participate in Prime day you need to be a member before then. Or you could become a member on the 15th, but by the time you register the deal you were interested in might end. So I suggest you register prior to the 15th.  Amazon gives you 30 days trial for the Prime membership. So it is worth registering. If you deicde you do not want it any longer, remember to go to your membership and change the automatic membership renewal option. To register for Prime membership you can click here.

Blenders and other Appliances Deals.

I have not yet seen any blender or appliances deals, but I here are some deals on gadgets. I love gadgets. Here is a list of complete deals for the next hour. You can change the categories and select which categories you want to chose from. Check deals out.

Instant Pot Lightening Deal

I have not seen any deals for blenders, but the Instant Pot is on special. It is a great pot that can help you reduce your cooking time. You can cook dry beans in less than 20 minutes, prepare soups or cook potatoes. It is a very nice programmable pressure cooker. You can check the deal here 

Blendtec DeSigner Series Lightening Deal

I said I have not seen any blenders on special, but I spoke too soon. I just saw that there is a good deal for the the Blendtec Designer Series with Wildside Jar.  This is a special Blender really. I am busy reviewing the Blendtec blenders and they are really powerful. If you were looking for a blender and have the money this can be a good deal.   Check the Blendtec Designer Series.

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