Why You Shouldn’t Disclose Your Age, Even if You Are a Man

The 2015 Tapping World SUmmit Yes, you should not disclose your age and it has nothing to do with what you think.

I just watched this video with Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and she tells you better than anyone the reason you should not disclose your age. And it is not that you want to look younger, and it is not that you are embarrassed. But you better hear it from the horse’s mouth.

I relate to the story. When I was 35, everyone started pressurising me about marriage and having children. My clock was ticking and everyone kept putting pressure on me. Like if getting married and having children is the only important thing in life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, but there was a point when everyone was asking me where are the children? And I could not fall pregnant. But I had to realize that I was happy with or without children before I fell pregnant.

And I was not a young according to the society labels. It was a miracle that I had children. So when my kids started to ask me how old I was I felt a bit, too old to say I am the age I am. So I always said I was 25, until my son started putting 1+1 together . He told me you cannot be 25, because I am 1o and that means you would have had me at 15.

Well now I told them how old I am, but after listening to this video with Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, I will keep my age secret.
She tells as that our bodies are influenced by not only our minds but the minds of the people that surrounds us. We are as young as the 5 closes friends around us, and as slim or overweight as the closest 5 friends that surround us. So if you tell your age, you will probably hear one of these responses


  •  You are old.
  • When are you getting married.
  • The clock is ticking.
  • You too old to change career.
  •  You too old to study.
  • You too old to travel.

You get the idea. And we end up believing it, because our outer world influences our inner world. So,  yes whatever we constantly hear affects us

Your chronological age and your biological age can be very different. There are people whose chronological age is 80 and their biological age is 40, and vice versa. So you must not go with your chronological age.
She believes that beliefs and cultural are more powerful than your genes. I always argue when people tell me is in my genes. I do not believe illness is in your genes, or cancer is in my genes because my sister had cancer.

Dr. Christiane Northrup EFT World Summit

She believes the same and like John Kehoe says your outer world influences your inner world, but your inner world also influences your outer world. So it is a case of what is stronger, your beliefs or the influence of society?

I also believe that diet is a great contributor for your health and looks, but it is not a guarantee that you will not get sick. Emotions also influence the condition of the body. I believe emotions and diet contribute to your well being.

Her interview is very interesting, and she says it better than me. She talk s not only about ageing, butt about your mind and how you can take your power back, instead of being of victim of disease.  You can watch the video here (video is free but you need to enter your details)

This is what I got out of the video:

  • My age depends on my attitude. DO not listen to others.
  • Heath care is not health care but disease management
  • My body is influenced by the environment, including my diet, but my mind supersedes all of it.
  • Disease screening is overdone.
  • Tapping reduces cortisol levels.
  • I need to accept where I am now to be able to change. Accept and love my body as it is, and then I will be able to lose weight
  • People that live longer are future oriented
  • Have a tribe or a community that supports your health style.
  • Live in the present, live in the here and now.

I hope you enjoy it, And by the way the 7th Tapping World Summit is starting on the 23rd of February and there is a session on Weight loss that you can listen to . The Summit is free to attend, but you need to register. Day one of the tapping has an interview on weight loss and on Day 7 they will be addressing aging. Read more about the Summit here.

PS- Don’t forget, do not mention your age ever, even if you are a man.


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  1. I found this article while trying to find an answer to my desire to disclos emy age in a job interview. I know it is an illegal question but I love that I am where I am. I look and feel 10-15 years younger. I love the experience and perspective it gives me. This is a great place, so I have mixed feelings about this article. In this new job,I am happy to disclose and actually think it is a benefit.

    1. Hi Pascale
      I know how you feel. I also always looked younger than what I am. But Dr. Christiane Northrup comes from a place that once you tell your age, people expect you to act and behave in a certain way. They have an idea of how a 50 year old should behave, and because they expect you to act that way, you unconsciously will end up acting that way. They will tell you that you cannot do this or that because of your age.

      I am not saying that will happen to everyone and in every situation, but it can happen. Of course if you do not mind, and you are convinced it will not affect you, then you can disclose your age.

      Good luck

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