Stainless Steel Canister Sets


These stainless steel canister sets are the exact thing that my mum and sister would love in their kitchen. And I must say, now that I am more into cooking and I have children, I would also love them. They look much nicer and better organized than a plastic container.

They would be great to store, sugar, rice, cocoa, couscous, all the different flours and the ground flaxseed. I am also thinking of making my own flour, and it would be nice to be able to store it in an airtight container.

I like the color of stainless steel. It matches any kitchen and any color. I also like that some of them are brushed stainless steel, so your fingerprints will not show on them.

Some of them have a clear glass that lets you see what is inside without having to open them, or putting a label. The airtight lid will keep your contents fresh, which is the most important.

Yeah, I think they are elegant and they would look good in my kitchen.

When I visit friends who have a lovely kitchen, I start dreaming about how I could make my kitchen look better and be more organized. So I went looking for this.

I selected these ones because I read that the airtight lid worked well. I also felt they were sturdy and strong. I am sure you can find cheaper ones, but these ones had great reviews, and they would last you for a long time.

I definitely will put this on my wish list. When I stop traveling the world and settle down, I will probably get them. And maybe I get them earlier. Even though I sometimes think I should not spend money, I know that a neat kitchen and a neat house gives you a clear and more productive mind.

My favorite is the simplehuman slim canister set. It is elegant. It has an airtight seal, and it has a BPA-free inner liner, which you can remove and wash in the dishwasher.



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