Stainless Steel Cake Pans


I do have some non-stainless steel pans. I love stainless steel because they are easy to clean and they last forever. They are also safe to use, unlike the aluminium ones.

These baking pans would be ideal when I have to bake a large cake for birthday parties or to bake meals. I could use them to bake my potatoes or my Sheppard pie or to make healthy oil free French fries.

And of course, I would use them almost every week if not every day. I am getting rid of all aluminum in my house and all pans hat are not safe to use. So this is what I will be using every day. They also do not scratch as easily as the ceramic ones.

I was cleaning my kitchen of all the unhealthy pans when I decided to look around to see what is available.

I like these three because they come in different shapes. These are the shapes that I use regularly, the loaf pan for banana bread or smaller meals. The round one is great for birthday cakes. The rectangle with lid is good for larger cakes or even to bake meals in the oven.

The good thing is that unlike the silicone pans, the stainless steel does not retain the smell of food.
I am adding this to my wishlist and as soon as I can I will get them.

My favorite is the Classic Stainless steel covered cake pan. It is convenient and you can bake a large meal without messing your oven since it has a lid.

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