Mason Jar Canister Set

Mason Jar Canister Set I recently bought a mason jar canister set similar to this. For years I had just one mason jar and I have hidden it away because I was not sure how and where to use it.

But suddenly when I started preparing my own oats milk, my light bulb came on and I decided I could store the milk in the mason jar that I had put away about ten years ago. I was lucky that in a decluttering effort I did not give it away.

So my only mason jar was put to use, but it was not enough. I needed some more. So I went in search and found some with wide mouth and some with a narrower mouth.

I started using them for everything now. I use them to store milk, to do infused water, and to store nuts.
I have even seen people preparing salads and keeping them in a mason Jar. I have not tried that yet, but I must.

They are quite convenient, and they are the thing that you just do not buy one. You buy a set and use it for different purposes.

I like the ones with a large and wide mouth. But I am sure I can find an use to any of these jars. If you get one with a wide mouth you can scoop one cup out of it.
They come in different sizes, from small to half a gallon. Make sure that the lid is BPA free and that it seals properly. Sometimes you want to shake the contents and you do not want to spill all over the place.

I feel like I am in love with these jars now. They can be used in the freezer and microwave. You can stack them, so they do not take space. They are very convenient and they are much better than the plastic containers. Glass helps you keep your food fresh also.

Mason Jar labels


One secret I need to share. I am bad with labeling them. So do not be like me. There are lovely labels like these ones that you can use to label them. Yes, it takes time, but in the end, it saves you time. You do not need to wonder what it is in the jar, or how old it is. Just do as I say, and not as I do.I always think I will remember what I put in jar. And I have a good memory. But things happen, and the next time you look at the jar, you have no idea what it is in there.

I like the ones with the pour cup. I do not have nay of them. but it would be ideal to pour the oats milk.  When I have a chance I will get one with the pour cup.

If you have not tried them, try them out. These ones are the ones I really like.

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