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What is an Immersion Blender?

What is an immersion blenderAn immersion blender is what I would call a portable blender, but quite different to the personal blenders.
The immersion blender is a stick with a blade at the end. As opposed to other blenders, you can immerse this blender in the pot or container to blend the food.

So the immersion blender does not have a jar , you just immerse the stick on your pot of soup, or whatever container your food is in.

I think this is one of my favorite appliance ever and I use it almost daily.

It is easy to use, just plug it in, put it in the container and press the button. Simple as that. You do not have to carry any heavy blenders around or pour any liquid in a jar. Quite

Some of the blenders have several speeds to choose from and they do come with attachments.

 What can you use an immersion blender for?

You can use immersion blenders to blend your soup. Instead of pouring the soup in a countertop blender, then immerse your blender in the soup pot and blend it all whilst is still hot.

You can also use this type of blender to make sauce, fruit smoothies, puree, pesto, dips, and to puree bananas or any other fruit. Most blenders are powerful enough to process all types of foods including potatoes.

Ease of cleaning:

The immersion blenders are quite easy to clean. In general, you can detach the bottom part where the blades are, to wash it. You cannot wash the top part where the motor is.

Then just rinse it or put it in the dishwasher (if the blender is dishwasher safe) and it will be ready to use next time.

The only precaution here is make sure you unplug the blender when cleaning or when trying to get food that has hooked into the blades. Do not touch the blades whilst the unit is plugged in. There has been cases of people pressing the button whilst having the fingers on the blade. That must be painful. .

Do not let the blender lying around for the kids to touch. It is quite dangerous.

Do I Recommend an Immersion Blender?

Yes, definitely. An immersion blender is an appliance I could not live without. If you do not have one, I suggest you get one as soon as possible. They are quite affordable and there is a large price range to choose from.

Do you have an immersion blender?

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