Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy the low fat, plant based recipes we bring you, and the ideas for eating healthy food, and improving your health. And losing weight, if you need to do so.

My vision for this website is to share my experiences following a high carbohydrates, low fat diet, like Dr McDougall diet. I share what I eat and some recipes.

Even though I am not an expert cook, I love cooking this way, but I love cooking things that are simple and quick to prepare. we are al busy, whether we work outside our home or not. So preparing easy meals is essential for me.
I personally can eat the same meal every day, but I need to feed a family and they would not be happy with that idea. Though, sometimes they do get the same meal quite often.

At the same time, I want to bring you reviews of appliances and tools that can help to cook these meals. I never used appliances before, but now I find that they are very useful and a time saver.

It can be overwhelming to choose from so many appliances. I am hoping my reviews will help you with your selection.

My story

I struggled all my life with weight issues. I was classified as fat when I was 7 or 8 years old. I remember my mother talking to my teacher and telling her she had put me on a diet because I was fat. I was never obese, but I was quite overweight.

I was one of three sisters and both my sisters were slim at that stage. My parents were both on a constant diet. But guess what, my house was full of cookies, chocolates and sweets.

How could a child follow a diet when the house was full of those treats? It was humiliating to hear my mother tell my teacher that I was on a diet, because I was fat.
Instead of eating sweet cookies, my mother used to give me savoury biscuits, but they were full of fat. But guess what, when no one saw me, I looked for the treats and ate them. My parents would not understand why I was not losing weight.

To make the story short, at 16 my parents send me to a doctor who gave me amphetamines to lose weight. I did lose weight. I lost more than 30 pounds, and I was in heaven. I was even slimmer than my skinny sister. That was a great feeling. Now I was allowed to wear nice clothes.

That lasted a couple of years. Through the years my weight went up and down several times. .
When I moved away form my parents house, I cooked simple meals. I avoided all oils, and butters. My weight still was not stable Some periods I was slim, others I would put on weight.

But I never cooked. Because for me cooking was a waste of time. You would spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal just to put on weight.

I battled to fall pregnant and a couple of people and books mentioned eating unprocessed food, and raw food. But I did not take it in. I wish I had. Now my kids would have been fed healthily from the start.

When I had children, I started cooking, because I needed to feed them. Since I did not know how to cook, I looked for cookbooks. So I cooked nice meals, but I follow the instructions to a T. So I added oils, and I cooked with meat.

After my second child I battled to lose the weight. Even if I lost some then I put some back on. At my lowest point in my life, I was not eating properly I did not eat meat, but I ate cheese, bread and chocolate. Not very healthy. I did not even buy fruits and vegetables.

Then in 2011 I researched the properties of fruit and vegetables and I was amazed. Having lost a sister to breast cancer at a young age, I was annoyed with myself that I did not hear about this earlier. At the time I had also started to feel pain in my fingers. I never went to a doctor (I do not like them), but I assumed it was the onset of arthritis.

My research led me to a raw diet. It was great. I had lots of energy and I loved the smoothies and juices. But it took lots of my time to make sure I always had food available. It was also very expensive to keep going on forever.

I came across Dr McDougall way of eating. I always loved starches more than meat. So I was in heaven. I have slowly lost some weight, but I still have more to lose. I follow the motto of Progress no perfection.

I also love to research appliances and write reviews. I have been doing it for a while, but have not been very consistent with it. Although I enjoy it, sometimes can become a bit boring. 

I hope you enjoy my website! You are welcome to contact me with any question.